Can I visit my dog while they are boarding / in daycare?

We do not recommend visiting during daycare. This often causes anxiety and stress at the sight of the owner stopping by and then leaving. You are welcome to call and check in if necessary. You can check out our Instagram / Facebook to get photos, videos!

Does my dog get to play with other dogs?

This all depends on the other dogs we have boarding and it depends if they are good with other dogs or not. 

Do you charge to administer meds/ are your staff able to administer meds?

We do not charge you anything to administer meds!
Our Supervisors are the only ones who administer meds and they are capable of doing anything from a pill to insulin injections

How long do their runs stay open for?

The dog's outside access door is open from 6:30am to 8:30pm-10:00pm (weather permitted for night shut down)

Does my dog need to be fixed to come here?

No, at our out of town location we accept unaltered dogs!

What are your hours?

Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 12pm to 5pm

Do you have daycare?

We do offer daycare, however you need to book in advance as we may not have room for your dog if we are busy.

Do they have outdoor access?

Each dog has their own indoor/outdoor run that is open all day for them, as well as we rotate and take turns with the dogs throughout the day in our outdoor parks.

Is someone there overnight?

Yes, there is a house on the property that always has someone in it that can check on them whenever there isn't someone in the building with them.

What if my dog hates other dogs?

This is no problem at all, as this location is geared more towards working one on one with dogs who may not be good with other dogs and unaltered dogs!