Our Cleaning Products

Playful Paws strives to create a clean and safe environment for our furry companions. We are always looking for new ways to employ cleaning protocols that not only kill any harmful germs but are also not harmful to our clients. We consult with local veterinarians and the animal protection act to keep up to date with any changes in cleaning practices and virus/bacteria control.

We keep all of our cleaning supplies behind closed cupboards which are kept up high out of the reach of our furry clients.

Virkon Tablets

We use these tablets in spray bottles mixed with water to clean our boarding dogs sleeping quarters while they play in the dog parks. 


256 Century Q

We use this product pre-diluted in park mop buckets, which are changed frequently to combat any germs from pet messes.


We use a vinegar and water combo in spray bottles to clean our dog parks when our furry friends are here to keep the park clean but also not affect the pets.



We use bleach only as a diluted pre-cleaner for pressure washing our dog parks. During the time we pressure wash we have no animals present until the park has been properly cleaned and dried. 


If you have any other questions about our cleaning procedures please contact our office for more information. 306-978-7278